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How we design our putting greens

At SYNLawn Northern California, our goal for your putting green is to ensure that you as our client get exactly what your are looking to get out of a putting green system. Whether you are looking to practice on tiers or valleys, our Elements of Practice (EOPs) designed by PGA Pro Dave Pelz are assured to help you improve your short game.

SYNLawn GreensMaster Certified
SYNLawn EOP Design

SYNLawn Northern California is GreensMaster Certified, a certification that is awarded by PGA Pro Dave Pelz after reviewing our putting green installations with perfect EOP installation.

The key elements we implement to ensure your satisfaction are:

• Open line of communication with your designer

• In-house CAD designs (you will receive a CAD drawing of your putting green and can make changes as needed with your designer)

• We won't move forward until you approve a final design (even if this means reviewing 4 - 5 designs or more until you are satisfied)

• We lay your putting green and encourage you to practice on it before we lock it in to fine tune or tweak any of the areas you feel need a fix

• We use a stimpmeter to adjust ball speed

• At SYNLawn we are constantly striving to improve our product and implement innovative technologies to ensure your product experience is superb. Dave Pelz himself will swap sections of his back yard golf course with our latest product, give it a test run and report his findings which helps to improve SYNLawn's golf products.

How we install EOPs

Dave Pelz created the SYNLawn EOP system which is designed to help you improve your short game in real world putting circumstances. Our goal is to help you maximize what you can do with your putting green. We want you to be able to train your way to putting greatness within the comfort of your own backyard.

Our average putting green installation can incorporate between 4 and 6 EOPs.

We mimic slopes that you would experience on a real golf course. We have been able to access golf course blue prints to duplicate putting green angles. If you are able to get access to the blueprints at your local golf course, we are happy to work with you to match the slopes or undulations.

Our local golf affiliates

We have recently completed putting green installations for local PGA Pro golf trainer Josh Zander, Sharon Heights Country Club and Moraga Country Club.