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SYNLawn HeatBlock™ Technology

Stay cool with SYNLawn's artificial grass HeatBlock™ Technology

Synthetic Grass Heat Comparison Graph
SYNLawn with Heatblock Technology

SYNLawn's HeatBlock™ Technology reduces heat in artificial turf by as much as 20% cooler than similar artificial turf products.

Scientifically proven, SYNLawn's exclusive HeatBlock™ lowers artificial turf temperatures by reflecting sunlight with infrared reflective pigments that help dissipate heat build-up and reduce fiber emissivity.

Like any material surface such as concrete, heat can occur when exposed to direct sunlight. Emissivity is the scientific term for the degree to which a material emits heat. In the same way dark clothing absorbs more heat than light clothing, synthetic turf can also hold in and emit heat. SYNLawn's R&D department worked to resolve this issue and produced the HeatBlock™ solution.

Scientifically proven to reduce heat...

As can be seen with in the comparison graph, standard synthetic grasses achieve significantly higher rates of heat as opposed to SYNLawn with HeatBlock™ Technology. For a difference you can see and feel, ask us about SYNLawn with HeatBlock™ Technology.