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What is synthetic grass made out of?

Artificial grass is typically constructed of a blend of polyethylene, polypropylene and occasionally nylon. Products constructed of nylon add to the turfs resilience but is not nearly as common as the other materials. Nylon offers additional benefits such as lower surface temperatures and are used in products with E108 fire ratings.

What infill do you use?

SYNLawn does not require infill in its installation. While “infill” is generally required in most synthetic grass products to add support to the pile and protect the secondary layer from UV rays, it is not required in our turf. The “thatch layer”, which looks like the occasional brown grass in between your green lawn provides the ballast or support that the green pile requires to stand tall.

Why are some other synthetic grasses in the market so cheap?

There are many manufacturers of synthetic turf. However, when it comes to quality and assurance that you are purchasing from a reliable manufacturer, you can’t beat knowing what you are paying for. We have seen some turfs turn from green to yellow in the course of a year. Some manufacturers outsource different parts of the turf making process and have it all combined at an assembly facility. These companies often research the market to find the materials for the cheapest price possible to expand their margins. However at the end of that you are left with a hodge-podge mix of turf with no real record of where it was made.

If you are being quoted an extremely low price for installation, we would ask your sales rep where their turf is manufactured. If they tell you it’s made overseas we would question the manufacturing process.

We like to say that SYNLawn manufactures its turf from “yarn to yard”. Each component of our synthetic turf is built in house and the source of the materials is not driven by looking for part manufacturers, but rather R&D and innovative design / technology that we can build into our own materials. SYNLawn is also warrantied for 15 years.

Can artificial grass be installed over concrete?

Yes, this is a very popular type of installation in our industry. A very important factor when installing synthetic turf over concrete is drainage. It is important to spot glue the surface rather than completely cover the concrete surface area to allow for proper drainage. Be sure to speak with experts as well on the type of glue to use for this type of installation.

How do you install artificial grass on roofs?

Artificial grass roof installations are growing in popularity and adds to the ambiance of your outdoor sanctuary. While roofs come in all shapes and sizes we do recommend installing drain tiles on top of a water-proof membrane. This will assure your grass has excellent drainage flow and does not cause any damage to your water-proof membrane. Once the drain tiles are installed, the synthetic turf is glued to the drain tiles creating a beautiful lawn surface for your roof.

If your roof has other existing surfaces such as pavers, concrete tiles, etc... we have many different solutions to accommodate your roof requirements. We also have an adjustable pedestal system which can be installed to correct any slopes or grading issues.

If your building requires fire rated synthetic turf, our SYNRye 251 is ASTM E648 Class A fire rated.

What are the advantages of SYNLawn commercial artificial grass products?

SYNLawn artificial grass products offer commercial landowners the ultimate in landscape applications. SYNLawn reduces maintenance costs and clean-up experience with natural lawn care while creating a beautiful green space for their community to enjoy.

What do SYNLawn putting green installations offer?

SYNLawn offers a wide variety of putting green materials that allows us to adjust for desired ball speed. If you are looking to improve your short game with the most realistic performing golf green system in the artificial putting green industry, the Dave Pelz ShotStopper™ system promises that experience. It is designed to absorb the energy of the ball like real grass and allows you to practice shots such as a “flop” an “approach” or a “cut” and others. Practice better. This system is only available through SYNLawn Golf. Call us to set up a free consultation and find out how we can help you improve your golf game faster.

SYNLawn also offers Elements of Practice (EOPs) with your installation. Certified and developed by PGA Pro, Golf Coach and Published Author Dave Pelz, we are authorized to install any of the EOPs listed in our EOP guide. Check out our video of Dave Pelz’s backyard, which was installed by SYNLawn, and let us know which EOPs you would like to have installed in your putting green.

Is SYNLawn safe for my kids and pets?

Absolutely. At the top of SYNLawn’s priority list is the ultimate safety of its clients and their loved ones. Children and pets love SYNLawn and their safety is of extreme importance to us. Our MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) can be found here

What about pet waste odor? What happens when our dogs do their business on our SYNLawn?

We highly recommend ZeoFill installation with your SYNLawn for your pets. ZeoFill eliminates 80% of pet waste odor that is installed as a top-dressing that lies below the thatch layer of your SYNLawn. Once installed it is locked in and is rejuvenated daily by the sun. Your ZeoFill installation will last as long as your synthetic grass installation.

Can our pet’s urine discolor our SYNLawn?

SYNLawn artificial grass is designed with superior drainage at thirty inches per hour to prevent discoloration of the turf. Your pet’s urine will pass quickly through the turf to avoid discoloring and damage to the surface. Your pet’s poop is easily picked up with a scooper and remnants are easily hosed off.

How should I clean my SYNLawn?

We recommend that rain be the natural cleaner of your synthetic lawn above any cleaners you may have. You can use tools such as a nylon rake or a leaf blower for leaves and the surface can be rinsed quickly and easily with a hose to remove dust or pollen if you are not getting rain. If you have a stained or soiled spot you can sponge mop with a gentle cleaner and warm water.