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ZeoFill for Pets

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Good for Pets, Good for You

ZeoFill eliminates up to 80% of pet waste odor in your artificial grass. SYNLawn offers ZeoFill as a natural and organically safe top-dressing infill which provides additional urine odor control.

Here is a list of some of the many features of ZeoFill for your pet artificial grass installation:

♦ ZeoFill is a negative charge infill which captures ammonia found in urine and beacause of its negatively charged proper-ties, prevents ammonia from turning into a gas, therefore eliminating smell.

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♦ ZeoFill granules cool turf fibers longer by evapotranspiration, just like real sod.

♦ Works immediately after installation!

♦ ZeoFill is 100% permeable which will not clog turf drainage holes.

♦ Chapter 9 - California Proposition 65 Safe from airborne crystalline free silica.

♦ Made in the USA.

♦ 100% Natural & Environmentally Safe for your kids and pets, Healthier too!

♦ Listed as Organic by OMRI Organic Materials Research Institute as "Deodorizer Infill".

♦ "Truly" Approved by Turf Manufacturers asn installers in USA & Canada to be the best infill for pet odor control.

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♦ ZeoFill is the purest clinoptilolite zeolite in the world which has the strongest absorbtion ability to remove tough urine odors.

♦ ZeoFill hardness lies between 4-5 Mohs, softer than silica sand but strong enough to withstand heavy traffic abuse.

♦ Up to 8 year warranty against deteriorating with recommended amounts installed.

♦ ZeoFill absorbs and holds 80% of liquid weight per granule without swelling.

Your SYNLawn artificial grass represents a significant investment. Protect your investment and extend the useful life of your SYNLawn.