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Upgrade to SYNLawn for Pets

Looking to upgrade your lawn from one that gets spotty, wilts and withers to one that lasts 500% longer and stays beautiful year round? Tired of installing sod after sod only to find out you can’t water because of a drought? Well we have the solution for you, especially for those of you with pets and those lovely brown grass patches our furry friends tend to leave behind. SYNLawn’s grass can withstand heavy foot traffic (including dog scratching) and all pet waste. No longer will your dog’s urine cause your grass to brown in spots and wither away. SYNLawn drains at 30 inches per hour and can handle pooper scoopers as well. At this point you might be wondering, how do I clean my grass? Your SYNLawn can handle leaf blowing, shop vacuuming, nylon raking and an rinsing. We also have a very helpful maintenance guide for further education on how to maintain your SYNLawn.

A nice tip we like to share with our clients as well is that many cities in the State of California are offering water rebates to residents who install synthetic turf. For those of you with a stubborn HOA, there is currently a bill in motion that would allow artificial grass in all HOAs in the State of California.

With a grass that will last you 15 + years, reduces your water bill by 60%, is impervious to drought restrictions, looks beautiful year round, includes our innovative HeatBlock technology, what is stopping you from making the switch? With our team of highly qualified installers, we assure you will fall in love with your SYNLawn on day one and will love it for the many years to come.

Contact us today to find out more about upgrading to SYNLawn for your landscaping project and the many benefits you will received with your SYNLawn artificial grass.