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Beat the Drought with SYNLawn

Hiking water prices, brown lawns, short showers and dirty cars. California residents are feeling the effects of this exceptional drought in full force. We are now entering our fourth year of drought.

To add to our woes, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the East Bay Municipal Utility District and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission are all considering hiking water rates up to 30 percent higher this year. These water agencies serve about 80% of the Northern California’s population. Their reason for hiking the rates: they are selling a lot less water as customer’s conserve as a result of the drought. Of course they are reluctant to make such a decision as it directly impacts homeowner’s wallets in a major way. Their job however, is to ensure there is enough clean, safe water to sustain the economy of the Northern California. Another reason for the potential hike: they are spending more money on drought-related expenses such as buying extra water from outside the Northern California to help meet demand.

California Governor, Jerry Brown has called on Californians to voluntarily reduce their water usage by 20%. To help ease some of the tension of finding alternative solutions to keeping a beautiful yard, Governor Jerry Brown’s recent state of emergency declaration along with the overall public awareness of the California drought have resulted in some rebate opportunities for California homeowners and businesses.

Be sure to check with your city or local ordinance for rebate programs that may be happening to help you reduce your water consumption.

Water rebates will potentially cover up to $2.50 per square foot for water wise landscaping. Synthetic turf is not only a great alternative to beating the drought, it is also an ideal long term investment in beautifying your yard. Along with reducing your water bill by 60% per year, you can also save on gardener fees and gas to fuel your lawn equipment. On top of it, you no longer have to worry about looking at a brown lawn!

Make the switch to synthetic turf and go with a company you trust. We have been manufacturing and installing turf for over 40 years. Our grass is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, is backed by a 15 year warranty and looks great all year long!

Your pets will thank you, your children will thank you, and you will thank yourself when you see your green lawn and your water bill significantly reduced for the years to come. On top of that, the State of California thanks you for conserving water while keeping a beautiful yard.