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Monthly Blog Post Archive - May 2015

The Benefits of SYNLawn

Synthetic grass and artificial turf have wonderful benefits they bring to every installation. You certainly won't have to mow it, again! Think of the impact you will have on reducing your own carbon footprint and use of harmful chemicals!

SYNLawn is extremely low maintenance, and, when taken care of, can last an extremely long time

Originally, sports field projects drove the development of most turf products and the benefits would trickle down to the residential and commercial landscape user, but that has changed. Today's synthetic grass and artificial turf yarns deliver outstanding durability, safety, and value, so many homeowners are opting to...

SYNLawn Factory Tour

We went out to Dalton, GA for SYNLawn distributor training and to tour SYNLawn's manufacturing facilities and was duly impressed. Being part of a vertically integrated manufacturer in itself is impressive. Seeing it first hand is astounding. Millions of square feet of warehouse space, rows and rows of yarn, thatch and grass rolls as far and as high as the eye can seeā€¦ and all of it made in-house.

At one facility we watched yarn get made, dyed, rolled up into massive spindles and sewn into the primary backing. At another facility just up the road we watched our secondary backing get applied and melted to the primary backing and yarn.