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SYNLawn Factory Tour

We went out to Dalton, GA for SYNLawn distributor training and to tour SYNLawn's manufacturing facilities and was duly impressed. Being part of a vertically integrated manufacturer in itself is impressive. Seeing it first hand is astounding. Millions of square feet of warehouse space, rows and rows of yarn, thatch and grass rolls as far and as high as the eye can see… and all of it made in-house.

At one facility we watched yarn get made, dyed, rolled up into massive spindles and sewn into the primary backing. At another facility just up the road we watched our secondary backing get applied and melted to the primary backing and yarn.

At another facility just up the road we visited where our cut out turf logos and GreenMakers get manufactured. Finally, at the Crystal Products warehouse we watched our massive rolls of turf get stored, quality checked, cut to fill orders and re-wrapped for shipping. The synthetic turf business is amazing.

Crystal Products controls the manufacturing process from “yarn to yard” and has been around for over 40 years and is 100% Made in the USA. We offer the strongest 15 year product warranty on the market.

Another highlight of our tour was visiting our R&D department. They had equipment that could age our grass 15 years over a two week period. As the leader in the industry, SYNLawn has led the way in innovations and were the first to introduce Heat Block Technology, 100% nylon products, our Enviroloc system, which incorporates soy to replace petroleum based products in our backing system and more. We are constantly testing and moving toward the next innovation in synthetic turf.

We were also honored to meet our corporate team including our CEO Heard Smith who is also an incumbent board member of the Synthetic Turf Council (STC). As for our corporate team, all I can say is they are all anyone could ask for in running a 5 star national operation. As a distributor we feel like part of the team and family. They offer the best support anyone could ask for.

When you choose SYNLawn, you are choosing a team committed to quality, support, an outstanding product and an excellent customer experience.