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Donating to SPCA International to save animal lives

We are proud to announce SYNLawn’s partnership with SPCA International in an effort to rescue dogs and to support our troops by reuniting them with their long-lost buddies through the Operation Baghdad Pups program. Through this program, SYNLawn will be donating part of its proceeds from pet turf sales to sponsor at least one of these military rescue events in 2017. In addition, there is a direct benefit to you, our client:

SYNLawn is offering $250.00 off pet artificial grass installations to our clients that have rescued a pet from an animal shelter.

This animal welfare and adoption promotion ties in well with SYNLawn’s commitment to pet friendly installations including:

  • HeatBlock Technology – Reduces temperatures in your artificial grass up to 20% which means your pets won’t burn their paws.
  • ZeoFill – Part of our pet installation system which is manufactured with Zeolite, an organic mineral with odor-absorbing crystals to reduce 80% of pet waste odor caused by ammonia off-gasses.
  • Omega Technology – Great for dogs that like to run around and play on their lawn, it adds resilience to withstand the wear and tear of this activity.

Other benefits of SYNLawn’s pet system include cleaner pets with no more muddy paws and optimal drainage at 30 inches per hour.

For more information on how to qualify for this discount, for your upcoming SYNLawn pet turf installation project, and how your artificial grass will help save lives, contact us at 510-215-2000.