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SYNLawn Product Advisory - Low-E Window Reflective Glares

While windows provide some of the greatest views of your SYNLawn, they can also contribute a major source of heat to your lawn. We advise our clients if they have any Low-E windows to either install a screen or 3M branded window tint to reduce the glare and prevent turf melt. At 175° - 200° F, artificial grass can melt per our SYNLawn Product Advisory.

Through COVID-19, SYNLawn is here for You, Your Family and Your Business

During COVID-19 we understand that many families and businesses are challenged with adapting to the “new normal”. At SYNLawn Northern California, we are happy to be in a position to provide families and businesses with clean and safe outdoor living and meeting spaces for kids and pets to run around and for adults and parents to have an enjoyable Zen space to relax in after a long day of work from home.

SYNLawn Northern California Joins the Green Business Bureau

At SYNLawn Northern California we have recently become green business certified with the Green Business Bureau (GBB), an international membership organization, in our efforts toward environmentally friendly product innovation and sustainable business. With our soy-based backing and 100% recyclable artificial grass products, we are supporting local U.S. farmers and ensuring the safety of our environment with eco-friendly products.

SYNLawn's Commitment to the Environment

At SYNLawn we are committed to creating high quality environmentally friendly and sustainable products that withstand the test of time.

When it comes to your artificial grass, you want to know you are purchasing products that are safe for your children, pets, yourself and the environment. SYNLawn's EnviroLoc backing is made from soy bean plants which are a renewable resource. SYNLawn is 100% recyclable and safe for the environment.

The soy bean in SYNLawn's backing is generated by local U.S. farmers and...

Synthetic Lawn Law Passed!

Its official, California’s AB-349 authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) was signed yesterday by Governor Jerry Brown. What does this mean for all you California homeowner’s governed by a homeowners association (HOA)? You are now free to install artificial turf in your yard without fear of reproach or fines! Synthetic turf is now included among a wide variety of drought tolerant landscaping as it can directly reduce outdoor water use to meet the Governor’s mandated 25% water use reduction across the entire State of California.

Assemblywoman Gonzalez is quoted saying “Across the state, Californians are making great strides to reduce their water use and hit aggressive benchmarks...

SYNLawn Factory Tour

We went out to Dalton, GA for SYNLawn distributor training and to tour SYNLawn's manufacturing facilities and was duly impressed. Being part of a vertically integrated manufacturer in itself is impressive. Seeing it first hand is astounding. Millions of square feet of warehouse space, rows and rows of yarn, thatch and grass rolls as far and as high as the eye can see… and all of it made in-house.

At one facility we watched yarn get made, dyed, rolled up into massive spindles and sewn into the primary backing. At another facility just up the road we watched our secondary backing get applied and melted to the primary backing and yarn.

The Benefits of SYNLawn

Synthetic grass and artificial turf have wonderful benefits they bring to every installation. You certainly won't have to mow it, again! Think of the impact you will have on reducing your own carbon footprint and use of harmful chemicals!

SYNLawn is extremely low maintenance, and, when taken care of, can last an extremely long time

Originally, sports field projects drove the development of most turf products and the benefits would trickle down to the residential and commercial landscape user, but that has changed. Today's synthetic grass and artificial turf yarns deliver outstanding durability, safety, and value, so many homeowners are opting to...

Beat the Drought with SYNLawn

Hiking water prices, brown lawns, short showers and dirty cars. California residents are feeling the effects of this exceptional drought in full force. We are now entering our fourth year of drought.

To add to our woes, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the East Bay Municipal Utility District and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission are all considering hiking water rates up to 30 percent higher this year. These water agencies serve about 80% of the Northern California’s population. Their reason for hiking the rates: they are selling a lot less water as customer’s conserve as a result of the drought. Of course they are reluctant to make such a decision as it directly impacts homeowner’s wallets in a major way. Their job however, is to...